When I first heard the two words "Christian Science" I...

When I first heard the two words "Christian Science" I was curious to know how a religion could have such a title; but after attending a few of the church services I was satisfied that it taught only good. Then the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, was handed to me, and I read some of its pages. Still I felt I must be true to the church my forefathers had served for many generations, although I knew I was always looking for something better, for something more than I got there. However, the seed sown by Christian Science was slowly taking root. Many times in the year my thoughts went back to the subject, till I at length decided to attend a Christian Science church; then I decided to ask for help for a member of my family who was needing it, for in my ignorance I did not believe I needed any help for myself. After receiving from a faithful studnet a clear explanation of what Christian Science is, I saw that this was worth all the attention and study I could put into it, not only for others but for myself. I lost no time, but commenced the study of it at once, and have never regretted it.

Since then I have been blessed with many opportunities of proving the healing power of Truth. We are grateful not only for the healings received, but because we can and do avoid many ills when we are obedient to our Leader's counsel to take early steps to destroy the claims of error by realizing the allness of Truth. One of the many healings for which I am most grateful is the overcoming of the fear of dizziness or fainting when in a large gathering or closed room. This condition was greatly lessened after attending the Christian Science church for a short time. One morning, however, I was seized with a palpitating, nervous sense. I seemed to be shaking all over, grew more and more frightened, and a thousand voices seemed to be shouting around me. I at once saw that this was a lie. Returning to my room, I earnestly struggled for a change of thought. Just then I was called to the telephone, and was asked to give my services for the rest of the day. I gratefully accepted this as a direct answer to my prayer. I commenced at once, and worked steadily until well into the night, when for the first time the morning occurrence came to my thought; then it seemed all a dream, and I have never felt it since. I have since attended all kinds of gatherings under all sorts of conditions with perfect ease.

Testimony of Healing
Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Christian Science
June 19, 1926

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