Everybody will admit that to insure the success of any movement unity is a most important factor. Unity means that those taking part in a movement are in agreement on essentials; and to be thus in agreement in any right activity is to harness moral power in its accomplishment. The Christian Science movement is no exception to the rule; and no finer example of progress through unity can be found than that accomplished by it during the last half century.

When one considers that only a little more than sixty years ago Christian Science was still undiscovered, and that now Christian Science churches are to be found in the most distant lands, and that the authorized Christian Science literature pentrates to wherever western civilization has found a foothold, one is forced to inquire as to why it should be so. What is behind this world-wide movement? What inspires its adherents in their determination to make Christian Science known to all mankind? What gives them the courage, the steadfastness, the gladness, to continue in the prosecution of its mission?

June 19, 1926

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