To correct the erroneous impression of Christian Science...


To correct the erroneous impression of Christian Science conveyed by the weekly sermon in your recent issue, the following is submitted. The writer of the sermon, while stating that Christian Science "promises" physical healing, said of that religion, "Their teachings, however, involve the destruction of the soul." Now it is obvious that this unfair and wholly erroneous statement concerning Christian Science was not based on any correct understanding of its teaching, which demands full reliance on God, "who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases." The regenerated lives of multitudes who have thus found relief from sin and sickness bear witness to the spiritual influence of this Christian religion. And as the testimony, "Whereas I was blind, now I see," dispelled questioners' doubts of Jesus' healing of the man born blind, so statements from those who have experienced healing in Christian Science should be conclusive evidence of benefits received, notwithstanding the misconception on the part of some that only physical relief is afforded.

A testimony of healing reported in the November 14, 1925, issue of the Christian Science Sentinel, in addition to describing certain physical healing, contained this statement: "In many other physical troubles, Christian Science has been my help; but that for which I am most grateful is the new concept of God it has given me, the increased love of the Bible, and the joy and peace it has brought into my life, instead of fear and worry. It is also helping me to realize the brotherhood of man." Surely any teaching which enables one to understand God and to love his fellow-men cannot be said to "involve the destruction of the soul"! For Jesus declared that a knowledge of God and of His Son is eternal life; and that to love one another was a mark of discipleship with the Master. The Sentinel from which we quote, as well as The Christian Science Journal, also containing testimonies of healing, may be read in any Christian Science Reading Room and in many public libraries.

Christ Jesus
May 15, 1926

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