Christian Science has given me a reason for existence

Christian Science has given me a reason for existence. Before knowing anything about Christian Science my thought was constantly questioning: Why are we here? Why the apparent inequalities of existence? And to what end is it all? Seeing so many children who through no fault of their own lacked training, opportunity of any kind, and even necessary food and clothing, I felt that if God had anything to do with it He must be so very unjust that I could not love Him, nor thank Him for the very uncertain comforts which I was receiving. This mental attitude made me unhappy and at last morbid. It seemed to me that there was little justice to be found in human life. Eventually I became ill more and more frequently, until I was forced to give up the profession which I had chosen. Medicine did not help me, and osteopathic treatments relieved me but slightly.

Finally, after several years of semi-invalidism, my mother asked me if I had ever considered trying Christian Science. She sent me a copy of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and explained that I could have help from a practitioner. I began to read, and to rejoice in the idealism which the book set forth and declared to be practicable. I wrote to a practitioner for help, and while physical healings came slowly, happiness began immediately to take the place of gloom in my consciousness. The teaching of Christian Science that all apparent evil is but the seeming reversal of the truth of the universe which God creates and calls good, aroused in me the desire to understand more of this Science.

Testimony of Healing
In 1920, when Christian Science found me, I was in a...
May 15, 1926

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