Christian Scientists and Prohibition'

Prohibition of the manufacture and sale of intoxicating beverages, as provided for by the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and the Volstead Act applying the provisions of that Amendment, has attracted almost universal attention in the United States during recent weeks. Pronouncements for and against prohibition, for strict enforcement of the law and for the lessening of its rigors, have been forthcoming from many individuals and groups, until public opinion has been given thorough ventilation. There is wide divergence of opinion regarding the justice of the law, as well as regarding the possibility of its enforcement. Were one to believe the statements of the opposition, it might appear that the attempt to establish prohibition has been a flat failure. On the other hand, there has been presented a mass of evidence, for the most part well authenticated, showing definite and important advantages to the people, even from the partial enforcement of the law which thus far has been effected.

An important cross section of public opinion on this subject will be found in the "Signs of the Times" columns of this issue of the Christian Science Sentinel, including evidence so important as to command the attention of every one interested in law enforcement.

Constancy and Loyalty
May 15, 1926

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