That I may in daily living be worthy, in an ever increasing...

That I may in daily living be worthy, in an ever increasing degree, to "bear witness unto the truth" as revealed to us in Christian Science is the desire which has sprung from my gratitude for the regenerating, healing power of Truth.

When Christian Science was brought to my notice ten years ago, I was not only seeking a practical, reasonable doctrine of the mission of Christ Jesus on earth; I had arrived logically at the conclusion, by way of college training and four years of research in medical therapy, that the medical theory of the healing of disease was erroneous, without a real fundamental law to sustain it. Though I almost immediately accepted Christian Science as the true doctrine of the Christ, and believed fully in its healing efficacy, I found it most difficult to lay off my trust in the philosophy of life as expressed by our ancient and modern philosophers. I thought Mrs. Eddy very audacious to attempt in one little volume to overrule the wisdom of the past ages. But divine Love led me gradually out of this maze of human, erring thinking, until I saw clearly how it was that Mrs. Eddy could not have done otherwise, since she was looking away from earth to eternal Truth. Her eye was single, and nothing but the true light could enter her vision.

Testimony of Healing
My mother came into Christian Science when I was about...
July 4, 1925

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