The article on "Suicide" in the Gazette des Hopitaux...

Gazette des Hopilaux

The article on "Suicide" in the Gazette des Hopitaux of recent date touches on Christian Science. This article declares that the teachings of Christian Science constitute a danger in cases of nervous mental distress. Christian Science has healed a very great number of such cases; it removes the patients' distress and mental suffering, and induces them to lean on the divine Principle of their life, and to avail themselves of the harmony which is the rightful heritage of all that God creates. Treatment by means of bromide and opium may relieve patients temporarily; but the patient suffering from mental distress, who is healed by Christian Science, is healed morally and physically, and is better and healthier than he was before; whereas the patient who has been treated with drugs will probably have become a slave to them; and, therefore, his state will not have improved morally.

The proofs of Christian Science healing are now so numerous that this Christian healing should no longer be confounded with autosuggestion. The reading of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, has healed many sufferers without the help of any practitioner. This book contains teaching that is purely moral and Christian. There is in it no trace of autosuggestion or hypnotism. In Christian Science it is Truth which corrects error, divine Love that casts out fear, right thinking about God's man which corrects wrong thinking based upon the testimony of material sense. Christian Science is the Science of right thinking about everything.

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