In a discussion of spiritual healing in your issue of recent...


In a discussion of spiritual healing in your issue of recent date this comment was made: "That there is spiritual power in the individual has been admitted by intelligent members of every known creed, and when rightly used this power can produce a strong body, as well as character."

To practice healing through any "power in the individual" would tend towards the use of material means and human will power. Such practice might rely on drugs, hypnotic suggestion, or blind faith, and lose sight of the law of God, Spirit. It would admit that some individuals have more power to heal than others; and it would develop fear—fear that the individual's power is not sufficient to cope with a case of sickness, of want, or of any other trouble. To practice healing through the understanding that spiritual power is not within a mortal but is reflected by man, the image and likeness of God, as Christian Science teaches, is to recognize that God, good, is Almighty, and therefore the only power. Christian Science relies only on the law of God, and admits that all can avail themselves of this power.

December 12, 1925

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