The Waiting Hour

Those who have had the privilege of teaching in the Christian Science Sunday School, or of imparting to their own children some of the great truths brought to light by Christian Science, have many times and in unexpected ways experienced the wonderful unfolding of the right answer to a child's problem, proving that the genuine desire to learn and to impart the truth cannot fail of its purpose.

In the endeavor to help a small boy who had expressed some surprise and impatience that the truth as taught in Christian Science had not made him immediately free from a claim of disease, the story of the life of Joseph was related as an opening for a discussion on the subject of being in prison. It was noted that Joseph had to submit to the rules and regulations of the prison, and that, even with his rather extended understanding of the truth, it took him a long time, to human sense, to make the demonstration of getting his freedom. A lesson was also drawn from the way in which Joseph utilized the waiting hours, to forward the routine work of the prison, refusing the suggestion that man could be anywhere but in his right place always, and applying himself to the task of helping his fellow-prisoners with their problems. Thus it was seen that a child's waiting hour need not be an occasion for grief, disappointment, or discouragement, but may be proved an opportunity for spreading more sunshine in the house, and giving out more joy and love to others.

The Good Samaritan
November 14, 1925

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