One morning some years ago, while I was a guest in...

One morning some years ago, while I was a guest in the home of friends, there was an unusual commotion, and I was told that the cook in lighting the gas range had been badly burned by the ignition of a box of matches which she held in her hand. A member of the family asked me to telephone to a Christian Science practitioner, which I did, and help was immediately given. Upon inquiry of the maid I found that she had a Bible in her room, and I advised her to go there at once and quietly read it. In about an hour she came out of her room saying that the pain was gone and that she was able to go on with her household duties.

Since this healing I have had numerous proofs of the quick and effective results of Christian Science treatment. Recently a sense of pain developed in a tooth which years before had been filled and crowned. The help of a practitioner was given me during an X-ray examination, which had been recommended by a dental surgeon. The pain ceased, and the following day the dentist informed me that the examination showed the tooth to be in good condition. The healings I have received in Christian Science through the study of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, prove to me that God's law governs absolutely; that man is made in His image and likeness, and is therefore always harmonious.

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November 14, 1925

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