For some time I have desired to express my gratitude to...

For some time I have desired to express my gratitude to Christian Science through the periodicals. The first explanation I heard of it impressed me greatly with its logic, something I had grown to think was not to be looked for in religion. One of the falsities of which I have been healed was a deep-seated contempt for all things pertaining to churches. I now see that the work of the Protestant churches has made possible the rapid acceptance of Christian Science; that they have been as the "voice of him that crieth in the wilderness." I am grateful for an ever increasing understanding of the beauty and truth contained in the definition of "Church" given on page 583 of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. I am grateful for the Church Manual, those impersonal rules and laws that govern and protect all the activities of Christian Scientists, both individual and collective, obedience to which demonstrates the true sense of Church. I am grateful for every activity provided for therein, for I know that each one is daily and hourly blessing all mankind.

Besides the spiritual regeneration that has come and is coming to me, many physical healings have been experienced in our family. One I wish to speak of especially. Both my wife and I had been reading the textbook in a more or less desultory manner for several years. We had largely lost faith in materia medica and acquired something of a belief in Christian Science. I had asked for help a number of times, but never had the answer come in such a way as unmistakably to indicate its source. Then came the so-called influenza epidemic. Certain circumstances forced me to take my stand unequivocally against medical domination. When the disease attempted to fasten itself upon me, it was met so decisively and so quickly that it was not long after that I appreciated I had walked through it. Next my wife and our then only child were attacked by it. Christian Science aid was quickly asked for and given. The child seemed to suffer very severely. Each night for several nights he awakened me with his struggles, and I would take him into bed with me and he would quiet down. Then one morning about two o'clock, after I had taken him in with me, he seemed to get worse instead of quieter. Fear tried to take possession of me. I arose quickly, put on a dressing robe, wrapped him in his blanket, went into the living room, and started to read the textbook. It seemed to me that if this child were to pass away, as he seemed about to, I should not be able to bear it. As I read, there came to my frightened sense of things something of the meaning of the fatherhood and motherhood of omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Love. The possessiveness of personal sense vanished, and I knew that the child could be trusted to the tender compassion of the infinite Father-Mother. I took him to his bed, and retired to mine. We both went quietly and quickly to sleep, and in the morning he was playing around the house in health and strength. My wife was also beautifully healed, and none of the dreaded after effects ever manifested themselves.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has indeed been the Comforter during...
November 14, 1925

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