It is several years since I began the study of Christian Science

It is several years since I began the study of Christian Science. I came to it, believing that I needed an operation. I already had undergone a very serious operation, and the same condition which necessitated it had appeared again. My sister, although not a Christian Scientist, advised me to try Christian Science. She knew a lady who had been planning to have an operation, but some one had told her to try Christian Science; and although a bed had been engaged for her in a hospital, it was not required; she was healed. I went to the Christian Science Reading Rooms and was told where to find a practitioner. Treatment was lovingly given me; and a few weeks later I was healed. All the pain and fear left me, and I felt as if I could sing with joy.

I had always been a very bad traveler. I could not go on a journey without having train sickness. About a year ago I was asked to undertake a piece of business which necessitated traveling a distance of forty miles twice a day for a fortnight. At first I refused. It seemed as though I was unable to undertake it, and was too nervous to work before an audience, as I was expected to do; but as the offer came to me again, it looked as if it were the right thing to do; so I accepted it. I had Christian Science treatment, and was sustained, supported, and upheld on those journeys and in my work, some of which I had not done before. I felt quite confident and happy all the time. For this proof of the ever-presence of divine Love, I am very grateful, but more so for the spiritual uplift.

Testimony of Healing
About nine years ago, I rather despaired of ever being...
October 31, 1925

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