On a certain memorable occasion when Moses had just started to lead the children of Israel from bondage in Egypt to Canaan and freedom, he appealed to God for guidance; and although the way seemed barred in all directions, the answer came back to him, "Speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward." They must prove their trust in God, whose aid they had invoked to get them out of their trouble, by moving in the only direction which could get them out—and that was forward. Neither did the command give any limit as to distance: it implied continuous movement in a forward direction.

As students of Christian Science, we know that if we do not progress, we stagnate, and then very soon retrograde. To our present sense of things progress includes changes, measured by periods of time. So in the church some changes of office and new appointments; and rightly so. Has not Mrs. Eddy recommended rotation in office under certain circumstances? Thereby experience is gained, and a wider outlook; and the way is made for others, that they too may enjoy the privilege of serving God in the varied activities which make up Christian Science church organization,—activities which are so necessary in order to make Christian Science more widely known and to protect its teaching from becoming adulterated.

"One primal cause"
May 24, 1924

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