What Do We Lack?

WE were near the middle of the alkali desert in western Utah, and it appeared that we should have to stay there for some time, for the ring-gear of our car was stripped. The nearest human habitation was a small mining town forty miles ahead. Our party consisted of my wife, our three small children, a nursemaid, and myself. There was no food, water, shelter,—no supply of any kind at hand,—other than the small amount we carried with us.

Earlier in the day I had been thinking that, although we seemed to be isolated from most of the things we were accustomed to, every provision of divine Love was at hand. There came to thought a sentence from an article published several years ago in The Christian Science Journal: "If a man were drowning in mid-ocean with apparently no human help at hand, there is a law of God which, when rightly appealed to, would bring about his rescue." When the mishap arose, these truths were repeated and discussed; and all of us agreed that now was the time for us to realize and prove them. We were helped also by the thought that the all-wisdom of infinite Mind included a remedy for every need, and that we, as children of God, divine Mind, could immediately realize and apply the remedy.

Power of the Right Idea
February 3, 1923

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