Overcoming Minor Errors

Mankind always has needed, and always will need, something whereby to lift itself above the ordinary trifling annoyances of human existence, to say nothing of the larger troubles, such as sin, sickness, and death, and all that these entail. It has sought in many directions; but in nothing has it been able to find a real solution for its difficulties, such as is provided by Christian Science. For Christian Science gives an absolute basis from which to work, a revelation of Truth which can and does overcome all that is unlike good. Nothing mean or petty can come into a true understanding of Christian Science. This is one of the features of spiritual understanding which has appealed to many earnest seekers after Truth.

Mrs. Eddy by her wonderful insight into human nature perceived a strong desire inherent in mankind to be and to do good, but accompanied by such a belief in the power of evil that it seemed impossible to carry out this righteous desire when based on an imperfect concept of God. In this connection she has counseled repeatedly that if we would overcome evil, we must look away from self to God, Mind, the source of all good, firmly refusing to admit self into our thinking.

"Loose him, and let him go"
October 20, 1923

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