Complete Harmony

Music is more than pleasant sounds for the ear. As Mrs. Eddy says: "What shall we say of the mighty conquest over all sin? A louder song, sweeter than has ever before reached high heaven, now rises clearer and nearer to the great heart of Christ; for the accuser is not there, and Love sends forth her primal and everlasting strain" (Science and Health, p. 568). One's very living is a song of gratitude if one is attuned to the divine Principle of being. Man reflects harmoniously that perfect Principle. Life, with its accompaniment of hope and joy, is manifest as the constant appearing of God's perfect idea, and this unfolding is the eternal music of the spheres. As we keep our thoughts filled with Life, Truth, and Love, we make of our lives symphonies of greater beauty than have ever been heard by human ear. It was this absolute Principle of harmony which enabled Jesus to behold the unbroken rhythm of health and happiness, abundance and goodness, as man. To understand and recognize the unadulterated truth of Christian Science is to produce concord instead of discord, health and freedom in place of bondage; and mortals may thus gain a glimpse of that wonderful dawn of the new heaven and the new earth which John beheld.

There is no discord of the carnal world that Love cannot completely heal by the application of the truth that man is spiritually alive in good. Sin, disease, and death—fear of any kind—presuppose a vacuum where God's law does not penetrate. His law, however, governs the infinitude of harmonious idea, in which there is no vacuum. Discords come only when mortals make unto themselves graven images of inharmony, want, disease, and all those other myriad forms of error. As we gain a greater understanding of the spiritual universe and spiritual man, there comes a realization that complete harmony is a steadfast fact which is never disturbed, even amid the discords of sense testimony. It is a false supposition that evil, in whatever disguise, can touch any part of the perfect creation of God. Then to know this means that we consciously rejoice in the fact of harmony right here and now. The student of Christian Science proves his religion by destroying all evidence of error, such as sickness, poverty, loss, and death. In proportion to his understanding of the truth, he shows forth to others that absolute freedom from discord.

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August 28, 1920

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