A writer in a recent issue attempted under the caption,...

Canton (Ohio) News

A writer in a recent issue attempted under the caption, "Psychic Phenomena: Some Studies of Unusual Manifestations," to couple Christian Science with modern psychotherapy and primitive psychotherapy, with the result that he has most conclusively shown, to any one having a least knowledge of Christian Science, that he does not understand the first Principle of the teaching of this new-old Science of Christianity.

Christian Science could never be what its self-appointed critics say it is, and yet be true. Any one who will may prove for himself that Christian Science does make plain the method of how to preach the gospel and heal the sick and sinning on the Christ-basis. Christ is the corner stone of the Christian Science church. It is the only church in Christendom that was founded for the exclusive purpose of commemorating the words and works of the great Master, and of reinstating the Christianity of the primitive church, together with its lost element of healing.

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