Hoping that this testimony may be a help to some one...

Hoping that this testimony may be a help to some one, as others have been to me, I gladly submit the following. Being a normal, healthy, happy child I was practically without fear and as I grew to womanhood I often wondered why we could not use the simple religion which Jesus had taught. I read the Bible in a desultory fashion to see how the lives of the people of that time differed from the lives of the people of my day and concluded that they were not admirable and would not bear imitating. I did not realize until I studied Christian Science that the Bible was a record of their struggles to overcome materiality. Now I find the Bible full of interest and instruction.

In my early womanhood I joined a denominational church, and finding it did not meet my practical needs I delved a little into theosophy and also new thought but saw almost at once that they would not be satisfying to me. When Christian Science was first brought into my home by my sister, I was immersed in club work, and although I read the textbook clandestinely and knew it was what I had been seeking, I wanted to finish the work on hand before taking it up seriously, not realizing my great need of healing. While on my way to a club meeting in Pasadena one day I turned my ankle and, according to the two osteopaths who faithfully treated me for several months, a ligament in my hip was loosened, which caused me intense suffering and lameness so that I was obliged to use crutches during all of that time. Finally, becoming thoroughly discouraged I told my sister I was afraid I would be lame for life and asked for treatment in Christian Science. After two treatments she asked me to throw away my crutches, which I did and I have never needed them again, although I had tried many times previously to walk without them, but without success. I was slow, however, to acknowledge that my healing was complete; in fact, I did not see how it could have been done so easily. That healing was over eight years ago and since that time I have known no other religion or medicine, for there is no other.

August 14, 1920

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