Count Your Blessings

WHENEVER a certain student of Christian Science finds the way a bit difficult, and problems do not seem to be solved so quickly as they should be, he harks back to the day when he was healed of very severe inflammatory rheumatism; for that was the day he caught the first real glimpse of God. The circumstance was as follows: Practically over night the argument of this false belief appeared to bind him in iron chains, so that on the following morning he could scarcely move limb or muscle. This student was occupying at the time a rather active and responsible position in a large business establishment, and his first thought was that he should be at his desk, that it was the one period of the year when he could least be spared from his post. And so, being new and uninstructed in Christian Science, he called for a practitioner to set him on his feet at once.

For four days absent treatment was given, but no appreciable results seemed apparent. On the fifth day she asked the patient this startling question: "Have you ever counted your blessings?" His reply was in the negative, coupled with the declaration that his chief concern was to be cured so that he could return to business. As a result of her patient insistence, however, that he devote the afternoon to counting up and giving thought to everything for which he should be grateful, he agreed to accept the prescription.

Our Isaac
August 14, 1920

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