Having received so many blessings I feel I have much to...

Having received so many blessings I feel I have much to praise God for. My first healing was headache of sixteen years' standing; the healing took place in one treatment. The next was sciatica; I had crawled on my hands and knees for one year. The next healing was of a dislocated hip. The doctors said I would have to have a weight on my foot for two weeks to hold the limb out until the inflammation of the joint was overcome. My suffering was unendurable, and I felt I could not live two days with the treatment. A note asking for help was sent to a practitioner at one o'clock; all at once, in a little more than an hour, a wave came over me and wiped away every pain. I felt everything was beautiful, and sat for about fifteen minutes enjoying the sweet peace, and all at once said I felt that I could take my foot out of the chair which was supporting it, and I did, and putting it back again said, "I feel I can walk." I stood on my feet and walked four times across the room and afterwards I dressed and got supper for the children. I got up the next morning and attended to my duties, and in the afternoon went to call on the practitioner and told her what a wonderful healing I had had. This has brought such a spiritual uplift to me that words cannot express my gratitude for the unselfish labor of our dear Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.

(Mrs.) EVALYN CARTER, Sunrise, Wyo.

Testimony of Healing
I have had so much help from Christian Science that I...
July 3, 1920

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