Consider the Flowers

In many places in the Scriptures, and also in Mrs. Eddy's writings, are references to the flowers and other natural objects, such as rocks, streams, and mountains, as being symbols of spiritual ideas. There is no doubt in the minds of many people, particularly Christian Scientists, that each flower or other natural phenomenon, may teach a lesson of its own when viewed metaphysically, and that time is well spent in learning these lessons.

On two different occasions in the past, the writer was especially helped by considering the flowers, and wishes that all others might share the blessing obtained. On one occasion when there seemed to be some uncertainty as to present and future work, and mortal mind was somewhat depressed and discouraged, a Christian Science reading room was visited, with the hope of getting a clear thought and some inspiration which would lead to more definite action and progress. On the table was a plant of flowering marguerites, and as the writer stood looking at them for a minute or two, the thought came that perhaps there was something to be learned from them. Almost immediately followed the recollection that the marguerites are related to the daisies, and that the daisies and the sunflowers and several others of the same great family of plants are noted for their bright faces, and for their habit of always looking upward. Chaucer has called them the "daye's eye" or "eye of the daye." The student then put the question to himself: What does this mean to me? The answer followed quickly and decisively: Cheerfulness and courage under difficulties, of course. To the regular student of Christian Science it is scarcely necessary to add that the whole mental outlook was changed, and very soon afterwards outward conditions became more definite and satisfactory.

A Healed Heart
March 6, 1920

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