"Stand clear"

When one has entered into the joy of studying Christian Science, incidents that perhaps seemed unimportant and which sometimes passed unnoticed, stand out and point very helpful lessons when viewed metaphysically. The writer remembers one such experience. While passing through a large arsenal, she came to some crossroads, or rather level crossings, on one of the many railways running through it, and noticed that something unusual had happened and that there was a block on the line. The many workers from the various shops were very anxious to get past, as delay meant much to them; but the gates could not be opened. A large engine had become stationary among a number of trucks and lorries carrying metal. This was the obstruction. Men anxious to help came forward from all sides and pulled and pushed at the rolling stock, and several got on the engine to try and find the cause of the trouble, while the workers endeavored to scramble through between the carriages. By this time some hundreds had collected, and many suggestions were made. Suddenly the order "Stand clear!" rang out, and a newcomer very quietly stepped up on the engine and adjusted the machinery that was hindered from doing its work and thus causing the delay; and in less time than it takes to write the incident, all was clear and the people had gone on.

This occurred at a time when the writer seemed to be working mentally under extremely difficult conditions, and had come to a place where conflicting advice and human opinions had brought about a very confused and unsettled state of thought, while suggestions of fear and incapacity seemed uppermost. One error after another seemed to stand up as a cause for this state of discord, and this seemed to increase the difficulties. Late that night, however, when seeking earnestly to see the problem in its true light through the understanding gained from the study of Science and Health, the incident of the morning came to her thought, and like the sun piercing a cloud the confusion vanished. It was seen that because the whole of error is unreal, it is only necessary to "stand clear" when it tries to befog us, and know that God, good, is All-in-all; and because "God, Spirit, is All-in-all" (Science and Health, p. 275) error, however large it appears and however much it tries to mystify us by dividing itself up into difficulties, must always and altogether be nothing, and the adjustment of thought according to divine law, which governs all reality—all that really exists—will be manifested through the understanding of the Christ. By standing clear—that is, by getting a personal sense of self out of thought—we are leaving room for the Christ, Truth, to appear.

It was observed that the man who brought about the adjustment required on the engine, made no inquiries as to the cause of the trouble or how long things had been at a standstill. His understanding of the law governing mechanics told him at a glance what was needed. The others, in their endeavor to assist, had spent much time searching for a cause, whereas understanding revealed the cure. It became apparent that the search for cause, the fear of delay, and the suggestions of having to divert traffic, and so on, all melted away before the authority of one who had a clear understanding of the right law governing his trade, and was therefore able to detect the fault and correct it. It is always thus with the sincere student of Christian Science. Nothing can stand against the authority that realizes God's supreme government, and the law of Principle which is always governing man.

I Shall Not Want
February 28, 1920

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