True Equality

For centuries human beings have been struggling for equality. They have always believed that there should be equality of rights, equality of opportunity, equality of privilege, and have been always crying out against the injustices and limitations which human existence has seemed to present. In their efforts to free themselves from these dissatisfactions they have rushed from one extreme to another, ever restlessly tossed about by mistaken concepts of what true equality really includes and how it may be attained. Because they have always conceived of things from a material standpoint they have believed that equality could only be evidenced in an equal possession of material objects, of material positions, of material opportunities. Believing that mortal, material men were the children of God and insisting that God created all men free and equal, mortals have been faced with the difficulty of bringing out equality in the midst of a world apparently composed of naught but inequalities, until in despair they have prayed to be delivered from the futility of all such fruitless effort.

When Christian Science reveals the enlightening truth that God is omnipresent Spirit, omniscient Mind, and that His children made in His image and likeness must of necessity be spiritually mental, it immediately unfolds an understanding that all true equality must also be mental and spiritual in its nature. It shows that God's children as reflections of the one infinite divine Mind must always have equal ability and opportunity to think rightly; and with right thinking as the basis of action, harmonious results must necessarily follow.

Lecture in The Mother Church
January 10, 1920

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