"Let your light so shine"

"He who shall introduce into public affairs the principles of primitive Christianity will change the face of the world," wrote Benjamin Franklin. Upon careful investigation of the Christian Science religion it is easily distinguishable as the reinstatement of primitive Christianity as practiced by the early Christians. This new-old religion is something entirely apart from any other religion. It is not just another Christian denomination but a distinct religion. The honest investigator soon sees that it is practicable and intelligible to all. While its followers respect the good in other religious denominations and admire the other man's faith and ideals, they are endeavoring to raise their own thinking to a higher idealism, which is nothing other than the ideals that were taught by the humble Nazarene, in the synagogue, by the wayside, or in a fishing ship.

Christian Science is free of age-worn dogma, superstition, and fear. The Christ, or Truth, demonstrated by Jesus of Nazareth, that awakened some of the people of his time stupefied by Pharisaism, is the very same Christ, Truth, that is awakening the people who are being dulled by the mesmeric influence of the material beliefs of scholasticism and of materia medica to-day. The teachings of Christian Science disclose the mistaken basis of these systems, exposing their tendencies, showing humanity that it need never fear evil, since evil is powerless. The clear teachings of scientific Christianity unfold the Christ at work in human consciousness, acting as an alterative, transforming the modes of the human mind with the leaven of Truth.

Lessons from the Child Thought
January 10, 1920

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