Nine years ago I could not play the games of boyhood...

Nine years ago I could not play the games of boyhood with my school fellows, because of heart trouble so severe that even nominal exertion usually prostrated me. My condition rapidly changed from bad to worse, and when the healing truth of Christian Science came to me I was taking medicine at fifteen-minute periods, while the most moderate exercise gave rise to racking pains. My family and I turned to Christian Science utterly without hope, and with confidence that it would prove as negative in its effect as had the prevailing forms of materia medica; but after the first treatment I stopped taking medicine. Distrust soon gave place to hope and a growing faith in a God who is not "afar off." The sense of ill health decreased daily and in a short time I found it possible to play tennis and ball, to paddle a canoe, and to swim. I was also able to discard eyeglasses that had been necessary for a number of years.

Because Christian Science has come to mean so much in my life, any but the most fervent expression of gratitude appears trite and commonplace. Each day my religion proves to be more fundamentally useful, giving a greater and stronger capacity for good. I hesitate to think what my college life might have been without Christian Science, which I know has enhanced it an hundredfold. The self-styled atheist on the college campus to-day is such because his religion has become to him a dead letter. Christian Science is answering his demand for a broader, more practical Christianity. The spirit of the Middle Ages, "I believe in order that I may understand," has gone forever. The deep, workable truth, as taught by Mrs. Eddy in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," is a demonstrable Science from which understanding evolves as a matter of personal experience and observation.

Signs of the Times
January 10, 1920

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