For one who has been lifted out of a mental and physical...

For one who has been lifted out of a mental and physical hell to a conscious realization of the fact that the kingdom of heaven is within and at hand, it takes more than words to express that gratitude which deeds along can attest. Seven years ago I was confined to my bed, a mental wreck. While in this wretched state of thought I thrust a piece of broken glass into my right eye, cutting a wide, deep gash. The eye was terribly disfigured and the sight practically lost. During those dark hours when the storm clouds of error seemed to enshroud my entire household with despair and fear, the faithful Christian Science practitioner held firm in her clear understanding of God and His idea. Three months after this experience I returned to work a well man and have only been absent on account of sickness one day since then.

For nearly three years there seemed to be something in the eye which did not cause any pain but was not entirely comfortable. One morning the belief of obstruction to sight presented itself, but as a ray of light the realization came to my thought that there could be no obstruction in Mind, in spiritual discernment; that sight is spiritual, not material, and that God's law of perfection is infallible. Next morning while sitting at my desk I felt something on my eyelid and on removing it to my amazement found a piece of glass about an eighth of an inch long. I immediately showed it to the office manager and two of my associate salesmen, that there would be irrefutable proof for any doubting Thomases. After this the eye quickly resumed its normal shape, and now there is hardly any indication to show that it was ever injured, and I am able to read small print with this eye.

Testimony of Healing
About four years ago I was suffering from stomach and...
January 10, 1920

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