Some years ago, while traveling through a portion of the...

Some years ago, while traveling through a portion of the mountains in Colorado, my wife and I were just returning to the city after a drive through one of the beautiful canyons when I, who had been taking kodak pictures along the way, decided to go ahead of the party in order to obtain a picture which would include our outfit in the landscape. I had ascended to the top of an embankment or fill, where a train bridge passed over the ravine, and after securing the desired pictures began to descent the fill to reach the roadway, where the party was awaiting my return. As I leaped down the soft embankment, my feet struck what was evidently an irregualr hard-pan just under the soft shale on the surface, causing both of my ankles to turn and give way under my wieght. I rolled to the bottom of the embankment, some thirty or forty feet, and upon trying to regain my footing found the sprains to be so severe that I was unable to stand. Members of the party ran to my assistance and lifted me to the carriage. The swelling in both ankles had rapidly become very pronounced and the pain intense.

My wife and I were somewhat new in Christian Science, but we both clung to the thoughts contained in the "scientific statement of being," as found on page 468 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and sought no aid from other sources. We had previously arranged to go on to another point the next morning, but after what had just happened it seemed as though this would be impossible. Through our steadfast reliance on God's power to heal we did not become discouraged, however, but completed our arrangements, and when the time came for us to leave our hotel, I was able to hobble to the train unassisted.

Testimony of Healing
It gives me much joy to express my gratitude for all the...
March 29, 1919

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