Fleeing from Error

The one great need of man is to know the truth which, our Master said, would make us free. All men desire to be free and are searching for the fountain of freedom, not knowing that Truth alone makes free. Our experience as students of Christian Science shows that one of the ways in which we may acquire this knowledge is often through incidents occurring in our daily walk and conversation; hence we should be watchful lest we miss the messengers of peace when they appear.

Several years ago the writer was making a short trip into the woods with two companions and a dog. As usual the dog ran on ahead. After proceeding some distance we heard a sharp bark as of distress, and presently the dog came into view fleeing swiftly, with three coyotes in pursuit. When they came within hearing distance, the dog's name was called, and immediately he turned and drove his pursuers over the hill, and soon returned with quite a perceptible air of satisfaction and assurance.

The Purpose of Existence
March 29, 1919

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