I first heard of Christian Science about thirty years ago...

I first heard of Christian Science about thirty years ago when much in need of help, having become a chronic invalid. I had employed several doctors, but continued to grow worse, and they said I would never be well or able to work. A Christian Science practitioner gave me absent treatment, but as there was no literature I could get I knew nothing about the teaching except the little a friend could tell me. My thought was that those said to have been healed could not have had much the matter with them, but as I had lost all faith in medicine, it could do no harm to try Christian Science. All that worried me was the fear that my bowels would not act, as it had been years since there had been natural movements, but being sincere in my desire to do as the practitioner directed I gave up all the old remedies. To my great surprise there was soon normal action, and that gave me some faith. I wrote once a week to the lady who treated me, and she replied with very encouraging letters. I had not been able to walk for months except around the room, never went up or down stairs, and had to lie down most of the time; but in a few weeks I was doing all my housework and going where I pleased, so thankful to be of use to my family again.

I think I was as much impressed by having a number of teeth extracted—nine at one sitting—absolutely without pain, and no soreness of the gums afterwards, as in any one of the many other experiences that came to me. It was the final test, and I have never since had a doubt of the truth of Christian Science. I have not once used material remedies in all these years and have worked unusually hard for a woman. I am also thankful to say that at sixty-two my sight is normal. I have never had on a pair of glasses.

Testimony of Healing
Some years ago, while traveling through a portion of the...
March 29, 1919

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