When but a young boy I was brought from a European...

When but a young boy I was brought from a European country to settle in what was then the wilderness of the middle western states of America. There were no schools, churches, or civilization, only the wild western environment. I soon grew into manhood and took a place among my fellows in the rough scramble for place in the wilderness of material opportunity. Before long I succeeded in getting into business, and from the position of a common laborer in a short time became an employer of labor. With a rugged and strong physique, besides being hopeful and courageous, success was apparently certain. The only uplifting influence during those days was the memory of the lessons taught me in childhood at the knees of a tender and loving mother.

The usual business complications soon set in along with the usual fight for material power and gain, developing a hardness of heart. Pressed by greed, gain, and envy, tossed, about amid unscrupulous environment, anything of a religious nature became an object of scorn and contempt. As time went on my material possessions seemed to become burdensome, complications set in, and a sharp corner had to be turned here and there in order to keep a hold on this or that interest. Gradually distrust and hatred developed in me against workmen, associates, and competitors, in consequence of which their dislike had to be met. Gradually I became beset with fear, fear of losing prestige in business, also of losing the approbation of friends and associates and of not getting my share. Doubting the honesty of employers and business associates, fearful of possible financial loss, physical disability followed,—headaches, stomach disorders, rheumatism, lumbago, and so-called liver trouble. Medical advice was sought at every turn, but chaos seemed to reign. My position became jeopardized physically and financially, and no remedy seemed available.

My extremity was apparently God's opportunity, for a dear sister, who had become interested in Christian Science through the healing of her little daughter, began mailing Christian Science literature to me. At first it was consigned to the waste basket unopened, and a letter which came later was perused with the utmost indifference. Finally a copy of the Sentinel was placed on my desk along with the daily mail and was opened automatically with the other papers. A heading, however, appealed to me and I read, became interested, finished the article, then read it again and again. The truth had dawned upon my consciousness; I became hungry for greater understanding and a larger vision. Parched and thirsty I searched and read. I had found the truth and it was setting me free. I told my wife that our problem was solved. She also began to study in a few days. We went through the house and our lockers and consigned every item of medicine to the garbage heap. That was four years ago and no medicine has been used by our household since. We had found God and learned man's relation to Him. Divine Truth and Love has met our every need during these years, and we are enjoying perfect health. When suggestions of evil come to us we are able to say, "Get thee behind me," and continue unobstructed and unhindered by the false claims of matter, while advancing slowly but surely on our journey Spiritward. We are filled with gratitude for having learned through Christian Science that God is our life and that in Him "we live, and move, and have our being."

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Testimony of Healing
I want to express deepest gratitude for all the blessings...
March 8, 1919

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