The League of Nations

Now that so much is being heard about a League of Nations and so much highly trained and earnest thought is being bestowed upon the subject and all that it implies and may entail, by some of the most responsible and serious people on both sides of the Atlantic, and on both sides of the equator too, may it not be interesting as well as profitable to examine whether any authority, and if so what sanction can be found for any such an idea or its fulfillment in Holy Writ.

Even a rapid glance back through the Bible record appears to indicate fairly unmistakably that it is no new or recent idea growing out of the battle of the nations nor germinating spontaneously and for the first time in the brain of any statesman of to-day, but is at least as old as Jacob's cross-handed blessing of Joseph's two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, when it was said that Ephraim should become a multitude or a great company of nations, and Manasseh a great nation; if not back to God's covenant with Abraham, which was definitively renewed to Jacob (or Israel).

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March 8, 1919

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