The writer of a letter under the caption of "The Clergy...

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The writer of a letter under the caption of "The Clergy and the Doctors," deserves commendation for pointing out the fact that health is mental, and therefore not to be attained by material means. He is not correct, however, in saying of Christian Scientists that "having no conception of what matter is they call it 'nothing.'"

The correspondent might with equal propriety have said that Jesus had no conception of what evil is because he called the devil a liar. As his works testified, Jesus knew beyond a doubt that that which deceived mankind into sin, with its consequent suffering and death, was not true, therefore he virtually named evil "nothing." Now it is precisely because Christian Science reveals the whole truth about matter, namely, that it is but the subjective state of that false mentality which the apostle Paul termed the carnal mind,—that is to say, it is precisely because of what it knows about matter,—that Christian Science calls it "nothing." There is no alternative but to count matter as unreal, if one desires to abide by the teaching of the infinitude of Spirit, and do it intelligently.

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