Soldiers and Service

In the quiet hours of the night a sleeper awoke and saw hanging on the opposite wall the picture of a son who was at that time "somewhere in France." The light from a new street lamp shed a soft glow over and around the picture so that it could clearly be seen even in the shadowed room, and as the mother's thought infolded him with a desire always to see him in the true light, she questioned herself as to what really constitutes a soldier.

Ordinarily we think of a soldier as one enlisted in military service, engaged in fighting other men of differing viewpoints, the conquest of whom might not always be for good. Such concept of a soldier is limited to personality, and viewed from a scientific standpoint constitutes by no means the requirements of a whole soldier; for a whole soldier needs a complete mental frame as well as a physical one,—a frame of mind reflecting love for one's fellow beings, and the understanding of Truth which enables one to condemn not the erring mortal but to free him from the evil handling him. The true soldier must be fearless, watchful, and obedient; he must put away self-love and self-will, and must be ready at all times to answer to the call of a higher authority.

"Now is the day"
March 1, 1919

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