I am so thankful for all that Christian Science has done...

I am so thankful for all that Christian Science has done for me that I wish to add my testimony, hoping it may reach some one whom it will help. At the time of my first healing we were living in Massachusetts. I was then about four years and a half old. In an eager haste to open the door for my grandfather one day, I ran into a large kettle of boiling water which my mother had just taken from the stove and was carrying across the rooms. The water went all me, burning me severely, especially my forehead, and a swelling started to come behind my ear. My mother took me to a Christian Science practitioner's home, as my grandmother had been healed through Christian Science. The practitioner removed the bandages and washed out the sores. After a few treatments the places in my forehead were no more and I was completely healed. There was not a scar left.

A few years later I was healed of swollen glands on each side of my neck. I started going to a doctor, as I then did not have the knowledge of Christian Science I now have. He did all he could, but the glands became more swollen if anything; and after I had made several trips to his office, he said that the only thing to be done was to operate on my neck. I would not listen to an operation, so my mother took me to a Christian Science practitioner, and after a few treatments not only was my neck completely healed but the practitioner had started me on my path in Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
For over five years and a half I was a victim of a most...
March 1, 1919

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