Spiritual Lessons

ONE pities the canary confined within the narrow limits of his gilded cage,—and yet, who is more restricted or imprisoned than mortal man, still in bondage to the five physical senses, still seeking happiness in worldly interests, still fearing an unknown evil power?

After experiencing through the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" a wonderful spiritual healing which resulted in mental as well as physical freedom, the writer was eager that her pet canary might also enjoy a larger sense of liberty. For five years they had been daily, yes, hourly companions; he in his gilded cage and she in her imprisoned sense of a sick body. Suffering from serious internal troubles which gradually caused physical inactivity and then the disuse of her eyes, the writer became a helpless and hopeless invalid. No wonder a great bond of sympathy grew up between her and the bird. Now that freedom, health, and harmony had come into her own life, she eagerly opened the cage door for her beautiful pet so that he, too, might taste the joys of freedom.

November 8, 1919

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