Christian Science was of such immeasurable value to me...

Christian Science was of such immeasurable value to me during my military service that I would like to submit a testimony for publication. In civilian life Christian Science was my religion and my only remedy in case of illness for a good many years, but I was inclined, whenever any physical trouble assailed me, to depend a great deal on help from others. Just previous to the beginning of my service in the Army I began to realize that the help which had been so easily obtained would cease to be so close at hand when I became a soldier; and I had not a little apprehension as to how I would fare in the Army with its system of doctors, hospitals, hygiene, and physical regulations. Upon entering the service the Bible and Science and Health were taken with me and study was continued. Gradually came a confidence that my needs would be met, in whatever circumstance I might be placed. That confidence became conviction after a few months through being able by my own understanding of the truth to overcome different ailments in their first stages.

A little over a month after joining the Army my unit was sent to France, and after that I was deprived almost entirely of association with other Christian Scientists; but by depending wholly on God I was fully protected from the different ailments to which the soldiers seemed to be subject. I was overseas over thirteen months, and during that time, and also while in the camps in the United States, I had no medical treatment except the compulsory serum inoculations and vaccination administered when I first went to camp. Although there were minor complaints, I was absent from my duties only one day on account of illness and that was occasioned by the effects of one of the aforesaid inoculations. Our company served in some of the greatest battles of the war, and Christian Science was always a wonderful aid and comfort whenever my duties took me near the front lines. The reassurance which it gave me through the correct understanding of Life was very effective in allaying fear whenever I was exposed to danger. Promises of protection contained in the Scriptures were often brought to mind and proved. I was also enabled to see more clearly what my country and her allies were fighting for, and thus experienced a greater satisfaction in being privileged to serve in so great a cause.

Testimony of Healing
When I first started the study of Christian Science, I...
November 8, 1919

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