The statement that "Christian Science presents unfoldment, not accretion" (Science and Health, p. 68), acts as one of those wellsprings of helpful thought with which Mrs. Eddy's writings abound. Indeed, it comprehends much that is fundamental in Christian Science, showing that all existence is evolved by eternal, immutable law, and that nothing transpires as a result of a combination of mere circumstances.

The unfoldment of the flower is spiritually symbolic to all students of the Science of being. "Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow," is an invitation by the Wayshower that has appealed to Christians even when they did not understand its real significance. The lily, of course, is a manifestation of the operation of God's law. "By its own volition," says Mrs. Eddy, "not a blade of grass springs up, not a spray buds within the vale, not a leaf unfolds its fair outlines, not a flower starts from its cloistered cell" (Science and Health, p. 191). Mortal mind cannot account for a single blossom. Human ingenuity is not equal to the task of putting together so much as one flower. Every real object, flower, or man, is the scientifically and perfectly unfolded idea of God, Mind, Principle. The flower as we see it is the mental concept visualized; nothing that is true is the product of chance. Once we know the law about flower or. man, we know flower or man.

The Angel
August 17, 1918

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