In going through "The Cave of the Winds" at Niagara...

In going through "The Cave of the Winds" at Niagara Falls in 1910, my left eye was slightly injured. My sight had been normal all my life, and inasmuch as my eye seemed to be all right in about two weeks after the accident, the incident was forgotten. About a year later I entered the business world as a stenographer, and noticed for the first time a very slight defect in the sight of that eye. I thought nothing about it at first, but the defect seemed to enlarge slowly and in another year was quite noticeable. At that time a scratching sensation began in the eyelid, and I was worried for fear that something lodged beneath the lid was the cause of the whole trouble. I therefore consulted an oculist, who said I had iritis and should obtain medical help. I went, however, to a Christian Science practitioner; but I did no Science work myself and did nothing that I was not made to do in the way of reading our literature.

My sight grew worse gradually, and in 1913 I was unable to read with that eye unless the print was extremely large. I was always in pain and was forced to obtain glasses, for I could under no circumstances stop work. I underwent a thorough examination, and was told that the blind spot was the result of an injury which had been dealt that eye years before. The oculist stated that the spot was permanent, and that the scratching sensation was caused by granulated eyelids. I wore glasses about a year, having treatment from the practitioner nearly all the time; but instead of assisting in the healing work of Truth, I consoled myself with the fact that if I became blind in that eye I would still have the other to see with. Stronger glasses were obtained from the same oculist, but by the end of 1914 the sight had practically gone, as I could distinguish nothing except light and darkness. In the beginning of 1915 I discovered that the diseased condition had spread to the right eye.

Testimony of Healing
Unspeakable joy in finding God through Christian Science...
July 6, 1918

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