"A land flowing with milk and honey"

Christian Science opens the eyes of those who are ready to see the real land flowing with milk and honey, the ever present spiritual reality of the kingdom of heaven. The materially greedy may picture the promised land as an opportunity for unlimited enjoyment; but those who are looking Spiritward think of it as a state of consciousness in which harmony and justice, joy and unselfishness, brotherly kindness and genuine friendship, are forever safeguarded from fear and hate. Through much labor the materially minded may enter a Canaan of their own imagination and taste of the fruits of the flesh until they revolt against these unsatisfying experiences and become receptive to truth. In the meantime the righteous are led out of an Egypt of mental darkness, through the severe tests of the wilderness into a promised land which is spiritual and not material, which is full of scientific satisfaction and peace, sheltered by the Zion of God's presence, and nourished with the milk of spiritual substance and the honey of divine Love.

Ignorance and fear everywhere go hand in hand. The uncertainty as to the promised land keeps many in bondage to Pharaoh, but if real existence and activity were known to be purely of God and evil was recognized as illusive, the fear of the future would disappear. Every individual is scientifically justified in realizing that God has nothing but good in store for him. Whatever personal sense may argue about advancing years, God places no failure of force, no decrepitude, no ugliness upon those who are growing in wisdom and experience. Christian Science teaches the permanence of goodness, beauty, and vigor and encourages and sustains its followers through good and evil report.

A Refuge from the Storm
July 6, 1918

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