Silence in Heaven

There are moments in the history of men and nations when eloquent silence seems to reign. The blare of the world's trumpets, the thunder of its guns, the clamor for place and power, the cry of the bereaved, have been temporarily stilled. Nothing appears to be worth while or indeed to have being except the beautiful, the good, and the true. The supposition that hate and greed have entity or that anyone should seek revenge or could misunderstand the motives of the righteous,—these beliefs are then seen to be curious aberrations springing from nowhere and leading to no results. At such times there are glimpses of reality which reveal the naturalness of good and the consequent absurdity of evil. The whole of the universe including man seems to be listening to the voice of the creator, which speaks to spiritual perception, though it remains unheard by physical sense.

Christian Scientists rejoice in a special provision made for silent prayer in their church services. When the physical senses are hushed and the door of understanding opens to the knock of the Christ, Truth, there is silence in heaven. Silent prayer is designed to emphasize the unity of good in human consciousness, to bring the assurance of the ever present fatherhood and motherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. The silence of heaven is as gentle as the falling dew, and as refreshing, and it can make the pause in a Christian Science Wednesday evening meeting golden with the peace which passeth mortal conception.

The Great Commission
April 27, 1918

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