I would like to give my testimony through the Sentinel...

I would like to give my testimony through the Sentinel in gratitude to God for all His goodness and for the many blessings which I have received since taking up the study of Christian Science. I also trust that it may be a help to some one. During the first two days of my study, while reading a Sentinel, my eyes were healed, so that I was able to lay aside my glasses, which the doctor had said I would always have to wear for reading and needlework, as I was suffering from a structural defect of the eyes. I have not needed them since this healing, now nine years ago, as my sight is perfect. Severe colds and hay fever have also been overcome, and many other ailments, through the loving help of a practitioner. The colds were overcome gradually, until now they seldom occur no matter what weather or draught I am exposed to; if they do occur, they are very mild and quickly vanish. For more than five years I have been able to overcome nearly all difficulties for myself through my own understanding of Christian Science, and also to help others.

From being a very delicate girl, I am now coming into much better health; and whereas I used to be always tired, now I very seldom am. I am so thankful, too, to be able to look to God for guidance in all things, and to understand His loving, protecting care. I have had many beautiful proofs of this. Above all these blessings, that which I prize most highly is "the peace of God, which passeth all understanding;" this is always with me, and it has come through the earnest study of Christian Science and the daily striving to put it into practice.

Testimony of Healing
It has been about two years since I found the divine...
April 27, 1918

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