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Province of Quebec, Canada. —The Christian Scientists in the province of Quebec had a very pleasant experience in connection with the Provincial Parliament sessions just closed. A revised medical bill for 1918 was introduced into the legislature by the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Quebec, and had passed through its first reading before we were aware of its existence. It is to the credit of the framers of the bill that it was not an attack against Christian Science, which is acknowledged to be a religion of healing by spiritual means, or prayer, and does not come under the status of the practice of medicine. Had the bill passed without the correction of a clause referring to advertising, the practitioners of Christian Science would be prevented from advertising publicly, and this ban would extend even to The Christian Science Journal, if circulated in the province of Quebec.

Legal counsel was secured and our lawyer kept in touch with the executive of the House, explaining our objections. The legislators also were interviewed. Finally the objectionable clause was taken out of the bill in its entirety. In addition to this concession, a very friendly missive from the president of the College of Physicians and Surgeons was sent to our lawyer, asking him to "guarantee the Christian Scientists that the amendment in their bill (clause eight) was not intended to affect the consultations given by the healers of this religion."

April 27, 1918

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