One of the great joys of Christian Science in my experience is to look back upon the numerous landmarks in my progress and at each step see the convincing proofs of Love's guidance and protection,—how, coincident with my "radical reliance on Truth" (Science and Health, p. 167), the seeming resistance of material evidences has given way, and I have been led through the mists of mortal mind to peace, health, and a clearer understanding of my relation to God. Of all the landmarks of my progress in Christian Science, the one of which I think most often as a great help all through the recent years is landmark number two; and in order to show my particular gratitude I shall touch briefly on landmark number one, which was my original healing.

For nearly a year I was practically a helpless invalid,—the culmination of about ten years of nervous disorders and doctoring. I was unable to leave home unattended, even to go the shortest distance; when I did venture out I would frequently be brought home in a state of collapse and would find relief only in quieting powders and other medicines, including at times large doses of a certain drug at half-hour intervals. At this stage I turned to Christian Science, and in about three weeks I resumed my business and was going about at ease.

December 14, 1918

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