I have just been reading the testimonies in the Sentinel,...

I have just been reading the testimonies in the Sentinel, as is my custom always on its arrival, and I am so filled with gratitude for the healing of all those of whom I have read that I feel impelled to give my own beautiful healing to the world that those who are still suffering may be encouraged and those healed may rejoice as I rejoiced that Christian Science heals mental as well as physical disorders.

My healing was of nervous breakdown and excessive fear. So disturbed was the mental state that I was afraid to be alone and suffered illusions of many kinds. The struggle was long, and as months passed by and yet I was not relieved, I could only get encouragement from reading the testimonies in our Sentinels and Journals. There was a noise in my head which at times hung over me like a weight, and it seemed to me that if it did not stop I would lose my reason; yet I clung to God. I read and prayed and was under Christian Science treatment constantly. My husband often told me that he could see improvement, but I could not seem to realize it; still I held to the truth and finally began to feel a desire to work alone with God. Before this desire had taken form in words to my practitioner, she wrote me saying she felt that now I could work alone, and I was delighted. For two years, however, it was necessary for me to have treatment occasionally. Sometimes discouragement whispered loud, and in tears I sought the one Mind, always receiving comfort and courage just to go on. In all this time I was able to keep outsiders in ignorance of my condition, often laughing when enduring intense mental suffering. I repeat this to show how I was sustained to the end by divine help.

Testimony of Healing
The desire to express my gratitude in every available...
December 14, 1918

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