For many years I seemed to be thoroughly under the...

For many years I seemed to be thoroughly under the laws of medicine and hygiene, my husband having been a physician and druggist, but there came a time when these so-called laws were all proved absolutely useless, as eight physicians had failed to give even relief to a member of my family who was suffering from what was considered a very dangerous form of nervousness. I had turned to God more earnestly than ever before during these months of distress, but the more I needed Him the farther away He seemed to be, until I felt as one on the edge of a precipice and knew not which way to turn. It was at this time that God's love and protection were proved to be always present, for He sent Christian Science to us, and in a few weeks I saw my child restored to health through the operation of divine law.

Very naturally I wanted to know more of this law, so began to study the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and in this book I soon found the God who is Love. I at once began to strive to learn more of this God that could work such a quick change from sickness to health, and while studying the textbook I was freed from many inharmonious conditions, such as sick headache and rheumatism. Glasses were laid aside, and many faults of disposition—criticism, faultfinding, worry, discontent, and indifference—became things of the past, as I seemed to be living in a different atmosphere. Everything appeared so bright and encouraging that I was happy and peaceful all the time. That was four years ago, and since then numerous problems have arisen, all to be worked out through the application of Christian Science. I find that just in proportion as we apply God's law with what understanding we have and depend on God alone, we are enabled to prove the truth of Christian Science.

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