Constitutional Rights

It is customary to speak of some of the present day governments as Christian and of the people in many lands as Christian people. The uniting bond in Christianity is that all who follow Christ Jesus acknowledge the same God whom he named "My Father" as likewise their God and Father. That unity in prayer which Jesus taught his disciples to understand continues with all who use the Lord's Prayer when it is spiritually understood. Its opening phrase, "Our Father," means one God, and all those who pray aright acknowledge this one Mind. The public worship of God is a blessing to those who assemble for such prayer.

There are times when panic affects an army, dissolving its united strength into contending atoms, changing a man's brother at his right hand into a menace, and the friend at his left hand into a contagion of fear. When the cry is Sauve qui peut, and every one seeks to save himself only, then every man's hand seems to be against his neighbor in the ensuing disorder. And yet that is the very time when there is need for order to be exemplified, for peace to be illustrated, for intelligence to be obeyed, and for the power of Life and Truth to be understood.

Forward Footsteps
December 14, 1918

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