In the fall of 1909 I received my first healing in Christian Science

In the fall of 1909 I received my first healing in Christian Science. Several years previous to this I was a sufferer from what three physicians pronounced appendicitis. At this particular time I had been in bed for three weeks, and the usual remedy, an operation, was recommended by the attending physician; in fact, it was the only hope held out for my recovery. Many times since then I have been grateful that the distance of twelve miles to the operating table prevented this plan from being carried out; for it was found upon trial that I was not able to bear even the preliminary exertion of such an undertaking.

At this crisis I saw as never before the helplessness of mortal man, and knew it was his extremity. My only hope in this dark hour had unconsciously been implanted in my thought by a few lines which I had read in a book sent me some months before by a sister. This book held out the thought of healing for all mankind in this age as nineteen hundred years ago. Since early childhood I had been impressed with the idea that Jesus and the apostles were the only ones who had this power to heal the sick. The book to which I refer was none other than "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. While my thought was feebly reaching out for Truth, one of my neighbors, who lived some distance away and who had been healed by Christian Science, came in. This dear friend assured me there was hope if only I would turn to God for my help; so my husband immediately called a Christian Science practitioner, and in just a few hours I was experiencing the sweetest rest and peace I had ever known. The twenty-third psalm came to me as clearly as if a voice were speaking, and this gave me such an assurance that Spirit, God, was near that I felt as safe and secure as a tired child in its mother's arms. I arose the next day and was about the house as usual, and in a few days was doing my own housework.

Testimony of Healing
When Christian Science found me I was a physical wreck,...
December 14, 1918

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