I wish to express deep gratitude for what Christian Science...

I wish to express deep gratitude for what Christian Science has done and is doing for me. Like many other people I was literally forced into it by ill health, after suffering several years from rheumatism and stomach trouble and finally going through three years of the most desperate struggle with these ailments and many others added, among them inflammation of the bowels in its worst form, hemorrhoids, liver and kidney disease, and weak eyes. I was reading the Scriptures nearly all the time but got very little from them. One day I became nearly blind all at once, so my reading was over until I made a trip of forty miles to get a pair of glasses, after which I relied on them when reading. I was taking medicine continually, but gradually growing worse, so went to Hot Springs, Arizona, and took mineral baths for two months and a half. I came back no better, instead quite a bit weaker, so went to El Paso, Texas, and took another kind of treatment four months.

There for the first time I heard of Christian Science, and tried to find some one who could talk to me about it. Soon after that I heard a sermon in the course of which Christian Science was denounced and the members of the congregation warned to stay clear of it, so I dropped the thought of Science. After that I went to other places and took various kinds of treatment, also tried change of climate, but got weaker every day. My case became desperate. I was living alone and prepared most of my food the best way I could, was very much discouraged, and did not know which way to turn or what to do; yet I thought I would get well. Material means of relief had been tried out thoroughly with no results; I was becoming more helpless every day, my friends were getting less helpful, as they thought I had tubercular disease, and very seldom anyone would come in. Night after night was passed without sleep.

Testimony of Healing
It is impossible for me to express my gratitude for the...
December 14, 1918

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