It has been about eight years since I first heard of...

It has been about eight years since I first heard of Christian Science, which was lovingly offered us for my mother, who was very sick. After trying many physicians, change of climate, baths, and other supposed means of healing she gradually grew worse and there was no hope offered. One doctor said she might get relief through an operation, but he gave no assurance that she would live through it or be permanently helped. We therefore had Christian Science treatment for her and she was healed in less than three weeks.

At that time I did not need physical healing, but I knew that God did heal through the understanding gained in Christian Science. It was about one year later when I took up this study. In our family of four children we have experienced healings of typhoid fever, scarlet fever, whooping cough, measles, chicken pox, and in fact almost every ill that flesh is heir to. I would also like to tell of my healing in the spring of 1917. I was taken very ill and suffered intense pain for several days. I would get relief, but only for a short time. The ailment was pronounced appendicitis by my friends and much fear was manifested, also the declaration made that I could not get well without an operation. This was told to the practitioner and it was proved that the operation of divine law is perfect, for I felt the pain lessen and the whole trouble go to its native nothingness.

Testimony of Healing
Through Christian Science I have found peace, joy, and...
November 2, 1918

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