Four years ago I began the study of Christian Science

Four years ago I began the study of Christian Science. I was then an atheist and wanted to expose what I thought was the falsity of this teaching, but upon investigation discovered the falsity of atheism and the truth about God and man. My first visit to a practitioner was for the purpose of denouncing Christian Science. I frankly told her I thought Christian Scientists were fakers; nevertheless after a brief conversation I had treatment, although I was determined not to receive any benefit from it. I however went away practically healed of a distressing case of catarrh. I did not want to admit this, but as the healing was permanent I was forced to do so. The practitioner advised me to get a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. Still doubting whether Christian Science was what I wanted, I hesitated in getting the book, but finally secured one from the library. I was very careful to hide it under my coat where no one could see it, and later took particular pains to cover it so that the title could not be seen. In reading it I was also careful to go where I could not be observed; nevertheless, through the reading of this book I was healed of severe stomach trouble, weak eyes, and profanity.

About two years ago, while employed in the city fire department, I was overcome with acute lung trouble and brain fever. The same day one of the boys in the company also came down with the same illness. He employed a physician and was off duty four months, afterwards complaining of weak lungs and other disabilities. I relied entirely on Christian Science for help. A practitioner was called and within two weeks I attended a Christian Science lecture; in three weeks I was on duty again. During the illness I was unconscious most of the time and was practically at death's door. Before returning to the fire department I was compelled to undergo an examination by the city physician, who pronounced me perfectly well and signed a report to that effect. He was amazed to find my physical condition so normal after having gone through such an experience. During the critical period of my illness we had a severe snow and sleet storm which cut off all means of communication and transportation, and it seemed as though we were cut off from all civilization, but we were never shut off from God. At the testing time, when relatives urged us to turn to material remedies, my wife never wavered. Most of the treatments were given absently.

Testimony of Healing
I am very grateful that our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, has...
November 2, 1918

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